What is the best type of rehab for addiction?

Substance Abuse · Alcohol, Tobacco, and others. For most people, the “treatment” conjures up images of detoxification or of a residential rehabilitation center. Actually, detoxification (detoxification) isn't a treatment, it only addresses the physical symptoms of withdrawal, and a residential program is just one of several types of addiction treatment available. Often, patients can start with approximately one month of inpatient rehabilitation and then move to an outpatient program for the rest of their structured treatment time.

For example, special events can be held on days of family visits, or a group of more experienced clients can go to an outpatient clinic for a particular type of therapy or activity. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction treatment must last at least 90 days to be effective, although it is not necessary to spend this entire period in an inpatient rehabilitation center. Minnesota, for example, is well known for its variety of public and private centers for people with alcoholism, which mostly follow the model of fixed-term inpatient rehabilitation programs initially established by the Hazelden Foundation and the Johnson Institute, which follow strong guidance from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and have different intensities of aftercare services.